Energetically Infused Crystal Goodness from Mother Earth // Brought to you by Jessika Davis, Energy Mover & Shaker!

I am a clairvoyant healer or as I officially call my self an "Energy Mover and Shaker". I used to live in Tucson, AZ, USA where this amazing Gem Show travels to each year. This sparked my curiosity of the crystal wold. I decided to become certified as a Crystal Healer and watch out now I am on fire for these beauties and want to share them with you. All items are hand selected by me and I have hand selected to work with a few select designers that have incredible energy and do amazing work. We still take a trip out to the big Gem show each year. If there is a specific item you are looking for, a crystal grid you would like me to put together or a piece you would like us to make...please let us know, we are happy to help and love Crystal shopping or collaborating on ideas!

Love, peace and soulshine,

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